Rescue’s Revenge Mission

Every year, 670,000 dogs are euthanized in the United States simply because shelters don't have the resources necessary to provide for them. Rescue's Revenge' mission is to raise awareness and money to help save these 670,000 dogs euthanized each year in the United States. We proudly donate 15% of all net profits to rescue agencies and no kill shelters.

What does the name Rescue’s Revenge mean? 

Many rescue dogs have had a pretty tough life. Many have endured the streets, tiny crates, cruel owners, not having adequate food and water, being chained up with no shelter, and the list goes on. Some of them even arrive at shelters or agencies at death’s door. As sad as it is, 670,000 of these dogs lose this battle every year. However, for a select group that are lucky enough to be rescued, they go from fighting to survive to living the good life; From the streets to nice fenced in yards, from cement floors to comfy couches and beds, from going thru trash to try to fill their empty stomach to having a spot by the dinner table, that's what we call a "Rescue's Revenge!" Please join us, along with the many great agencies, and individuals who dedicate their life to this mission. By wearing our apparel, not only are you raising awareness about the many dogs that need help, you are also donating money to rescue agencies and no kill shelters across the United States.

What is 670K-1?

670K stands for 670,000. That is the number of dogs that are euthanized each year in the United States because rescue agencies simply don’t have the necessary resources to save these dogs. The -1 should be read minus 1. So, it should be read 670,000 minus 1. This is a representation of what happens each time someone rescues a dog. We may not be able to individually save all 670,000, but we can each save one. And for that one, it is the difference between life and death. Hence our motto, 670,000 minus 1. Through our apparel we hope to raise awareness of the epidemic of 670,000 dogs being euthanized each year and start a growing trend of people rescuing dogs to subtract 1.

What is the symbol at the bottom of your logo beside “I Save You. You Save Me”?

The symbol on the bottom of our logo is an Adinkra symbol that represents toughness and perseverance. We feel this is the perfect symbol to represent the rescues who have endured and overcome so much and are still able to show us unconditional love. If we could all have this toughness the rescues demonstrate, our world would be a much better place!

Our 670K minus 1 apparel raises awareness. While we may not be able to save all 670,000 dogs, we can save one, and for that one it is the difference between life and death.